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Schneider Italia

Founded in 2011, Schneider Italia is the exclusive Schneider Group Italian branch. Nowadays, it is managed directly by entrepreneurs with twenty-year gained experience in the international freight forwarding and logistics business field.
Schneider Italia combines German professionalism and timeliness with Northern Italian cordiality and hard-working attitude. Problem solving is our crucial strength: it allows to perform better than competitors and then, to be considered as the best partner to work with.

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Schneider Group

Schneider Group is a multinational company competing in the freight forwarding (overland & overseas) and logistics business field.
Founded in 1865 in Basel, it has rapidly become well- known globally: initially, concerning cheese exportation to Russia and then, Swiss textile to Paris, the fashion metropolis. Currently, every merchandise and all types of goods are outstandingly transported, served and sent.
Schneider means care and safety.
As in the last decades, leading and prestigious companies in the luxury and fashion industry completely trust in and rely on Schneider network and expertise .
Now, Schneider holds partners worldwide, in every continent and in every key nation.





Through and to national and international destinations, goods consolidation within a unique loading unit, accurate control throughout expedition and forwarding cycle by constant step by step checks.



Shipment Storage in Schneider Italia warehouses within a monitored, safe and well- protected environment.
Upon request, goods packaging for the forwarding, characterized by ad hoc solutions, packaging and handling.



Schneider Italia is official partner and the logistics supplier of Pordenone Fiere SpA regarding every international and multicultural trade show and event in the Province. Besides, Schneider Italia is worldwide fitting out operator for foreign exhibitions.



Schneider Italia and his team are efficiently delighted to customs consulting, incoterms, Letter of Credit, intrastat, transport insurances as well as design, project and develop of exhibition stands.

Within the international transport and logistics market, being a slim and dynamic reality, as in our case,
is a great source of advantages.

The client is our first value and priority:
their satisfaction is our mission and main goal. We do not want to disappoint them in any circumstance.

Clients’ merchandise and goods, consistently with their needs and preferences,
are carefully and wholly monitored: from departure to final destination.

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Schneider Italia is strategically located in the heart of Central Europe, where great economic and cultural interests drive market dynamics.
Melting point between the West and the East Europe, the Italian peninsula is the cradle of the Mediterranean Sea: movements and exchanges, travels and the ancient art of merchants’ trades are its DNA traits.
The Balkans on the East, the Old Europe on the West: a crucial economic aisle of opportunities.



From the Latin name PORTUS NAONIS – namely harbour on the river Naonis (Noncello), Pordenone is a big town totally addressed towards trading and culture, where its history and tradition play an intriguing influencing role.

Pordenone was founded also thanks to flourishing fluvial trading of the ancient maritime Republic of Venice.
The province of Pordenone takes place between the province of Udine on the North- East, and the three Venetian provinces of Belluno, Treviso (on the West) and Venice (on the South).
Reaching Austria from Pordenone takes only 180 km, whereas Slovenia only 88 km.
That’s why the province of Pordenone is widely considered as the key strategic bridge and corridor for and to the Europe.

Therefore, it is possible to get in all the destinations through efficient connections by road, highway, railway as well as air and sea. These all allow to easily and rapidly move within the territory.





The documents you need, always at your fingertips, visible and available. You can download and print them just with a click. Even this ease is Schneider Italia.


Attilio Zaina | CEO

Zardini Stefano | CFO

Petrilli Alessandro | Area Manager

Zardini Matteo | Business Development

Missinato Paolo | Germany

Manicardi Giuseppe | France UK Benelux

Sala Natalj | Switzerland

Muccignat Rita | Austria & Express

Cadamuro Raffaele | Italy

Vido Federica | Administration

Gruarin Claudio | Warehouse

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